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  • Aug 7, 2023

The coronavirus pandemic changed a lot about life on earth.  Where people spend their time, where they live, and their financial priorities have all shifted. Gone is the classic 9-5 office life that was common 30 years ago in advanced economies.  Between factors such as the "pandemic shift", the "great resignation", and our general desire to spend more time surrounded by natural beauty rather than urban sprawl, we've told our past that "We're doing things differently now, because we're taking back control of our lives".  (Besides, there's no shame in highly valuing the time we have because none of us knows exactly how much time we have remaining). 

In addition to the new normal after the pandemic, we also are experiencing the effects of climate change at an accelerated pace.  Our millennial generation of leaders now understands that time is not on our (collective) side, because we've procrastinated taking steps to preserve our planet, to reduce the negative effects of exploitative capitalism, and to work together towards effective solutions for the largest challenges facing our species - climate change, human rights abuses, food insecurity, etc. 

In light of these global issues taking central stage in marketing today, how we communicate about these pressing issues is more relevant than ever before.  Brands and their owning companies that haven't already taken a declarative stance on protecting our planet, human rights, etc - are on their way out of our global economy... forever.  Brand-identity through socially and environmentally just methods isn't just a passing fad - it's already changing the world of business, and brands are either catching up or leading the change.  As in all market innovations, those leading the change have the advantage of creating the narrative. 

We have the communication tools to share ideas about these issues quickly and broadly with our mobile apps.  Besides the saturation of digital media, we also have a media tool that has more staying power: Custom promotional print products.  Historically there has been little thought about the impact on our planet from the millions of promotional products available on the market.  (That's where the historical sales data and the factories and distribution networks who were reading that historical sales trends got disconnected the consumer's desire to find more sustainably produced consumer products).  Fortunately, the manufacturing trend for customized swag branded promotional products has shifted towards socially and environmentally sustainable production standards.  Sure, some factories still don't care about the impact of their products, but those factories are now playing catch-up to the leading manufacturers who have publicized their ecological manifesto, developed products made from recycled materials, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.  Often times those same factories that have shown ecological innovation to preserve our planet have also created social impact programs to benefit underserved communities around the world.  Some of them fund the protection of clean water sources, reforestation of natural lands that were previously logged, and develop medical programs or education opportunities for previously exploited indigenous communities.   

Now that the leading manufacturers are changing the conversation through doing good for people, our common brands and the products they advertise are now viewed more shrewdly by most consumers.  Everything has (unfortunately) been politicized and/or monetized to garner support of a targeted audience.  Often times most of the audience has no idea how sophisticated and possibly manipulative some of the marketing techniques can be to control the narrative about the advertised products.  One slip-up in a communication directive, or an exposé about unsavory actions in underserved communities can and will knock a brand off its financial footing.  That's a good thing in an open society.  Just as we want to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions, large brand leaders are also to be held accountable for their outsized role in resource consumption, financial dominance, and labor pool management.  

Getting on the better side of brand management takes leaders who are dedicated to developing a culture of concern and care.  The financial rewards are slower coming, but they last a lot longer when there's not an occasional blip of distrust that sets back the brand's consumer trust for 5 or 10 years.  Better World Print strategizes with its corporate customers to find the brand's current recognition, who its customers are, how to keep earning its current customer trust.  Then we explore positive ways to expand that customer base by reaching a new audience.  Branding promotional products is one small portion of that large puzzle.  However, we also work with a company's marketing team to ensure all forms of media outreach deliver the right message that's consistent with the project. 

Our project management tools allow us to put all communications for our client project teams into an online communication center that's secure.  Better World Print provides virtual design layouts on sustainably sourced products that meet the metrics of each project based on our initial and follow-up communications.  Our team of graphic designers and your project manager will create promotional print solutions that meet your stated goals for an event and create ideas to effectively reach your target audience for general brand recognition enhancement.  In our sourcing strategies, we ensure compliance with consumer safety laws so that you can rest assured in the product representing your brand in a better light.    

Getting started with our better promotional product strategies simply takes reaching out to us.  We're available via text or voice, as well as our live chat feature during our business hours Monday through Saturday from 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.  You can also send us an email, or request more info from one of our custom promotional products shown on this website.

Reach out, and find your better print products designed for a better world.  



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