Personalized Gifts Promoting Work-Life Balance

  • May 14, 2024

Personalized gifting for your company just got a lot easier with Choose from a variety of premium branded gifts from our Givee Select program, and get each one monogrammed for your team members or faculty as needed. We're able to put their names on their gifts for them, and ship them direct to each team member's homes or to a centralized location (based on how you want to manage your gift program for your team). What's great about the Givee Select gifting program? Each item has premium value to its design and function so it feels great to receive anything from the program. These aren't cheap swag gifts - they're premium promotional products that provide a level of appreciation that each recipient will respect.  

We want your team to increase its effectiveness in your organization by having a highly functioning group of people who reach higher objectives for long-term accomplishments. To reach these higher goals, it takes mentally healthy people who arrive focused, emotionally stable, and healthy in all aspects of body and mind.  Your company can help increase its chance of reaching these goals by supporting time off from work filled with healthy, uplifting activities.  What better way to do this than by providing a personalized gift to each team member on occasion throughout the year? 

As most of us acknowledge, the United States is notorious for having an imbalanced, work-life culture.  This culture includes consumer budgets stretched thin while corporate profits are at an all-time high, and the result is less loyalty from employees and staff throughout many organizations. The culture of burnout isn't acceptable anymore, and the companies who attract the best talent and the most talent understand that we work to live - not the other way around.  For those companies that still abuse their teams without providing adequate time off or benefits, their days are numbered, as they lose their key team members who have experience, insight, and can go elsewhere. 

We encourage you to change your company's culture for the better by celebrating the time away from the job. Your company can do this by providing branded gifts promoting recreation, relaxation, or vacation time to each employee.  If you're a volunteer-run organization, these personalized gifts make excellent thank you gifts to the people who sustain your organization.  Even better than just featuring your company logo on them, is getting them personalized for your team. We can help you explore personalized logo gifts that promote your company while helping your staff spend time away from the company to recharge and refuel their minds & bodies.  

Here we show a rugged backpack, a personalized stainless steel water bottle, a customized journal, and a logo'd bluetooth speaker that's been personalized too:

Happy Giftee Happy Customer Personalized Gift Example Image

These gifts all are pare of our Givee Select gifting program, which allows your company's logo or event logo to be featured prominently while also personalized the gift for the employee, attendee, customer, or member.  Reach out to us for more info about these personalized logo gifts to enhance your brand, and we'll show you the hundreds of products that can help show everyone how much they're appreciated!  We're ready to help your team achieve higher goals while experiencing their personal lives to the fullest.  (Your future company culture just thanked us, but your current associates will thank you as soon as these personalized logo gifts are delivered to your company.) 

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