Our Service Capacity: Accessible to All

Better World Print is here to provide excellent promotional product sourcing and management services that are accessible to all organizations, no matter how small or inexperienced they are.  While our original founding purpose as a benefit company is inspiring, we also realize that our customers have needs when it comes to professional sourcing of promotional merchandise.  It is our mission to provide each of our customers with customized product solutions and product management solutions that meet them where they are.  We also have the capacity to manage large-scale merchandise solutions for major brands and international organizations, thanks to our software programs & reputable partner factories.


Product Safety:

Promotional products come from thousands of factories around the world, they are made in a variety of materials that need to meet federal safety regulations, and they are eventually used by a very diverse audience all over the world.  As a distributor for our factories, we look at safety standards before offering promotional products to our customers.  These product safety standards are crafted by trade associations, governments, and the factories themselves.  


Company Store Management

Better World Print provides access to secure, online software where our customers can make secure retail transactions - both for internal corporate purchases, and for online retail of products to the public.  Most often this type of software access is limited to larger companies who make bigger purchases of promotional products due to the up-front costs of setting up online store management systems.  However, Better World Print provides low cost access to small, medium, and large companies through our secure online retail access program.  Our mission is to simplify access to promotional products at a lower cost than most companies, while also providing professional management services behind the scenes that make our customer's job easier.  Reach out to us for assistance in establishing your new online store management after your first print product purchases are ordered from us.    


Graphic Design Services:

With over 14 years of previous experience in promotional printing, our team can provide you with the most professional graphic design services such as drawings, logo modifications, and logo creation.  We can find print products that are manufactured in specific colors to coordinate with a color-themed events, logos, and every seasonal holiday.  Once specific custom print products are selected, our team can provide you with virtual designs showing your logo or artwork on the specific product(s).  We can also provide virtual presentations of swag packages when provided with the logo(s), product selection(s), and theme(s) of your event.  Reach out to us with the details, and we'll be glad to create some options that work for your event(s) or corporate store.  


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